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Offering state-of-the-art performing, conference, and entertainment facilities, the Hammer Theatre is one of the premiere university performing arts centers in the United States. The facility serves the community through artistic and educational programming and events that capture the unique characteristics and diverse cultures of Silicon Valley.

Please send rental inquiries to: or call 408.924.8502


Sobrato Auditorium

  • State-of-the-art acoustic system
  • Constellation virtual audio shell
  • Up-to-date stage lighting


  • 41′ Proscenium opening
  • 34′ stage depth
  • Orchestra pit can add 12′ depth at center
  • 6′ at sides when used as thrust/apron

Seating Sections – 520 seats

  • Orchestra: 162 seats (4 wheelchair spaces and 12 ADA companion seats)
  • Parterre: 193 seats
  • Balcony: 165 seats (2 wheelchair spaces and 6 ADA companion seats)
sobrato auditorium

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Please send rental inquiries to: or call 408.924.8502