The Hammer Theatre Center strives to be a safe space for all individuals. With the goal of making this theatre accessible to all, here are a few things you should know before visiting the theatre!

The Hammer Theatre Center does not have a designated parking lot or structure associated with the building. There is a city owned parking garage located half a block from the theatre, Second & San Carlos Street Garage, information can be found here

Under the newest ADA regulations, the only animals falling under the definition of a service animal are dogs or in some cases miniature horses. If the service animal is disruptive, barks or growls or if the dog is not house-broken; the theatre will request the removal of the animal from the theatre.

The Hammer Theatre Center offers 6 ADA compliant, wheelchair spaces, and 6 companions seats located throughout the orchestra and balcony seating sections in the auditorium. In Hammer4, the theatre’s black box performance space, seating is typically general admission with various arrangements; 2 ADA compliant seating spaces with companion seats are always designated for this space. Speak to an usher if seating any seating options are unclear.

Enhanced assistive listening devices are available upon request for the majority of shows; please speak to an usher for assistance in acquiring these devices. Audio description is available for specific events, please contact the theatre prior to visiting the theatre for more information. To check out a device, guests must leave a photo I.D. with an usher in order to check out the device.

Please feel free to bring comforting objects, such as fidget toys and weighted stuffed animals or lap blankets, as well as noise-reducing headphones.  (We do have some to loan out if you forget.) And while we do have a concession stand, you are welcome to bring food to assist with dietary restrictions/needs for a snack, but they must be eaten in the lobby area. In addition to these supplies, certain performances may have the option for guests to enjoy the show in a sensory-friendly room that can stream a live feed of the stage to a high-definition television screen with reduced sound. Items checked out from our sensory bags must be returned at the end of the event. A photo I.D. will be required to check these items out.