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Your support is vital to assist us in bringing the finest local, national and internationally recognized artists and acts to our stage as well as funding important educational initiatives that serve both SJSU students and local K-12 schools.


Thank you for embracing our programming and sharing your love of live performances with those closest to you. We hope you will consider supporting  by making a gift of any amount of your choosing.

Hammer Programming Fund
Donor Recognition

Much appreciation and gratitude for the support of generous donors to the Hammer Programming Fund!

Leading Founding Member: $500+

Chery & Stephen Caplan
Randy Earle
Margaret & Richard James
Janet Muscio & William McCraw
Jared Lilly & Jonathan Schuppert

Founding Member: $100+

Jason Aleksander
Ramona Arellano-Snyder & Michael Snyder
Martha C. Beattie
Win-Shin Chiang
Matt Hammer
Lisa Hettler-Smith & Gordon Smith
Wanda B. Hendrix
Margaret Mannion
Carol & Richard Muller
Emily & Thomas O’Connell
Eleanor E. Smith
Marie T. Tuite
Charlene & Gerald Uenaka
Laurel Weeks & Gordon Cremer

Contributor: $0-99

Diana P. Dunn
Nancy & Allan Hikoyeda
Labadie Productions
Jason Molenda